Alvaria Engagement Analytics

Rich Insights into Operational
Efficiency & Customer Sentiment

Alvaria Engagement Analytics surfaces valuable insights into quality, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across all customer communication channels.

Powerful Speech & Text Analytics Engine - Identify Drivers for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Built for the omnichannel customer journey, Alvaria Engagement Analytics extends your quality management process by providing a holistic view into 100% of your speech and text interactions.

Full-Transcription LVCSR Speech Technology

Use superior LVCSR technology to establish context and eliminate ambiguity in word recognition. LVCSR provides higher speech recognition accuracy, faster searches and a full transcript than phonetic systems.

Organic Trend Discovery

Use the benefits of full transcription available with LVCSR technology to identify key issues that analysts would not otherwise know to look for – e.g., recognize language patterns, automate the identification of important new topics, apply cluster analysis.

Built-in Redaction Capability

Make the complexities of PCI compliance much simpler with an easy-to-use redaction feature.

Highly Intuitive User Interface

Easily understand the results of automated and manual data searches to deliver the most valuable insights.

Lightning-Fast Searches

Accomplish searches that are 100x faster than other providers.

Seamless SaaS Integration

Deploy in the cloud and integrate with your existing back-end systems such as risk engines to obtain a 360-degree picture of all fraudulent activity and risks associated.

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