Alvaria Motivate: Changing the Game on Employee Engagement, Performance & Retention in Large Call Centers

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Highly scalable and most cost effective for 200+ agents, employ powerful call center gamification software to elevate agent engagement and customer satisfaction

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effect performance immediately with live dashboards and automated rewards; removing whiteboard tracking and manual SPIFFS
  • ROI on Rewards, understand in real time what your organization is getting back on monetary and non-monetary rewards
  • Dramatically decrease management time required for setting up, managing, and rewarding competitions
  • Leverage Normalization and Most Improved to Produce parity among agents – top 20%, middle 60%, and bottom 20% -- to drive best impact on the middle 60%
  • Accelerate agent aptitude attainment with gamified Learning, Coaching and Collaboration
  • Accommodate agent vs. agent, team vs. team, or center vs. center, location vs location, or define custom groups for group vs group formats
  • Drive participation with mobile tools to easily view goals and progress, and redeem rewards

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Alvaria Motivate: Desktop and Mobile

Hear From Your Peers Using Alvaria Motivate

I wouldn’t attribute our success to just one aspect of Alvaria™ Motivate. Their solution came at us from so many angles, which is why I believe the success we had – and continue to have – is sustainable.

Matt Coffey, General Manager, Technical Projects, Sekure Merchant Solutions

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So far we have been very impressed with the results of Alvaria Motivate and both consultants and managers love using it. The business is delighted with the uplift in 6% of sales per hour and the system has already paid for itself after just a few months.

Brendan Mckee, Operations Manager, Simply Business

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Use My Goals to Align Agent Activity with Your Call Center Objectives

Expand your gamification scorecards into leaderboards to illustrate stack ranking, driving self-education through autonomy.

  • Create and set goals from within your sandbox, so that as your organizational objectives change, so can your agents’ focus
  • Reward employees for achieving targets
  • Leverage historical data to predict Scorecard success, offering an opportunity to course correct before the end of the goal period

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Alvaria Provides Enterprise Call Center Software and Workforce Engagement Management Solutions for:

Alvaria DIfferentiator - Banks Alvaria DIfferentiator - Telecom Alvaria DIfferentiator - Airlines Alvaria DIfferentiator - Tech Companies Alvaria DIfferentiator - Global Companies

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