Enterprise Tier Auto Dialer Software Used by Many of the World's Largest Call Centers.


Advanced compliance features. Easily scales from 250 up to 10,000+ agents. Deploy on-premise or through your choice of cloud or hosted platform. Consistently ranked one of the industry's top outbound solutions.

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Alvaria solutions power many of the world's leading enterprise-tier contact centers, including:

See why global enterprises and BPOs trust Alvaria to help conduct compliant, high-volume, omnichannel campaigns.

Alvaria’s robust auto dialer software capabilities drive both traditional outbound call center activities such as voice-based collections and telemarketing, as well as new proactive customer outreach strategies that take advantage of multiple contact channels.

Enterprise contact centers rely on Alvaria's outreach capabilities to keep their customers engaged, informed and on-schedule. Business and IT managers appreciate the flexible options - on-premises, public cloud, hosted or hybrid deployments.

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Dialing and Pacing Options

Support every outbound engagement strategy with dialing options including: Preview, Precision, Blaster, auto dialer and predictive dialer.

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Advanced Campaign and List Management

Deploy smarter campaigns with centralized attempt, consent and number portability. Increase contact rates while reducing agent idle time, honoring defined abort rates for compliance and effectively using your telephony resources.

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Work-From-Home Enabled

Maintain critical contact center activities in the event of an outage or disaster by allowing your staff to quickly transition to working-from-home, with no additional licensing fees or costs.

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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Aspect deploys cloud services and databases into multiple availability zones to ensure that vital applications maintain critical operations and can recover quickly from a failure or outage.

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Configurable Reattempt and Escalation Rules

Detect and route answering machines, busy signals, fax machines, voicemail and no-answers, and act in support of your outreach strategies with configurable reattempt and escalation rules.

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Compliance Rules Management Tool

Comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements like TCPA, CFPB, Ofcom and other governmental regulatory bodies with Aspect auto dialer and predictive dialer software and Alvaria Compliance for compliant proactive outreach.

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Consent and Channel Preference Routing

Track and manage customers’ consent as well as preferred channels and convenient time to call requests.

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Omnichannel Proactive Outreach

Provide personalized, proactive outreach through voice, email and SMS while providing full service continuity as customers switch between channels.

Develop, Deploy and Analyze Sophisticated Outbound Strategies to Increase Contact Success Rates.

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“Helping people keep their commitments is Hoist’s mission and Alvaria Cloud enables us to do so more efficiently.


Dirk Katschenges
Head of Group IT-Service
Hoist Finance

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Don’t take chances when it comes to compliance!

TCPA fines can cost your business up to $500-$1,500 per violation. Alvaria leads the proactive outreach and auto dialer software market with multichannel contact options and a full set of advanced list and campaign optimization capabilities that make it easier for outbound call centers to comply with regulatory dialing requirements.

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Best-of-Breed Outbound Capabilities Large Enterprises Need To:

Deploy flexible collections, telemarketing and proactive customer service solutions in on-premises, public cloud, hosted or hybrid deployment environments.

Remove the capabilities that trigger the TCPA “autodial/auto-message capacity” criteria while maintaining the efficiencies that can be lost when using other vendors’ manual dialing systems.

Use advanced list and campaign management capabilities to precisely route consent and non-consent wireless numbers within the same record.

Take full advantage of reporting, tracking and recording capabilities needed to meet TCPA and CFPB requirements.

Leverage self-service capabilities to automate your consent process.