Virtual Call Center

The term "virtual call center" is often used to describe a cloud-based contact center deployment that requires no specialized hardware and allows supervisors and agents to be geographically dispersed - often, including work-at-home agents. With web-based agent and supervisor desktops and softphone technology, a computer and Internet connection are all your contact center team needs.

Virtual call center setups have numerous advantages, including the ability to hire the appropriate personnel irrespective of location, ease of hiring agents across multiple time zones to provide around-the-clock customer assistance, and reduced overhead and maintenance costs. For contact center disaster recovery planning, virtual call centers with an uptime SLA offer built-in continuity, which streamlines the process of maintaining service levels even during a network outage or natural disaster.

Implementing a virtual call center also has significant advantages in terms of time and cost to get up and running - deployment in the cloud takes just minutes, versus days or weeks to install and configure a hardware-based solution, and with no servers to buy, capital expenditures are minimized.


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