The contact center glossary covers many of the most common vocabulary, measurements and technologies related to call center software and customer experience.

Skills-Based Routing

Skills-based routing is a technique used to get customers to the right agent to address their query. While simple automatic call distributor (ACD) systems might route calls to the next available agent irrespective of that agent’s expertise, skills- based routing allows contact centers to designate agents as specialists in certain products or issues. For example, a financial institution might train some agents to take inbound calls related to setting up business accounts, while others would receive specific training in resolving issues related to loan applications, or resolving concerns related to lost or stolen credit cards.

A successful skills-based routing strategy can increase agent productivity by allowing agents to draw on their personal knowledge and experience base to answer questions faster, which also reduces call-handling time, increases the likelihood of first-call resolution and increases customer confidence and satisfaction.