The contact center glossary covers many of the most common vocabulary, measurements and technologies related to call center software and customer experience.

First Call Resolution

First call resolution (FCR), now often called "first contact resolution" expanded to reflect the potential for the use of additional channels (e.g, chat) to reach a contact center, is commonly used as a key performance indicator of contact center effectiveness. FCR measures the ability of the contact center to resolve the incoming inquiry on the first attempt. Improvements in FCR often result in improvements in other key performance indicators, such as customer satisfaction and lower costs of resolving customer issues.

To improve first-contact resolution, the use of skills-based routing to route inquiries to the appropriate agent can increase the likelihood of an inquiry being addressed correctly with no need for follow-up. CRM integration that provides agents with appropriate and personalized customer information also makes it easier for agents to understand the context of customer inquiries and provide an effective resolution.