Alvaria and UJET
Strategic Alliance

Bringing Enterprise-Grade Workforce Engagement Management and Advanced Compliant Outreach Capabilities to Google CCAI

About the Alvaria and UJET Partnership

Alvaria and UJET have come together to bring rich insights surrounded by a unified workforce to Google Cloud Contact Centre AI. Together, our solutions increase lifetime value, reduce agent turnover and create seamless, personalised customer interactions.

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Simplify Compliance and Boost Your Bottom Line

Alvaria’s compliance-ready outbound solutions help thousands of contact centrrs manage calling regulations and risk without sacrificing efficiency.

Alvaria’s outbound solutions feature:

  • Lock-down rules
  • Wireless number dialling
  • DNC & opt-out/consent lists
  • Consent recording
  • Abandon call rates
  • Calling hours
  • ANI broadcasting
  • And more...

Optimise Labor Costs and Improve Call Centre Service Levels

Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) helps companies elevate employee experience while maximising contact centre productivity in a cost-effective way.

Alvaria WEM solutions have:

  • Modern, intuitive browser-based user interface
  • Inbound/outbound forecasting, planning and scheduling
  • Employee self-service capabilities
  • Unlimited testing of scheduling scenarios
  • Easy schedule changes, shift bidding and trades
  • And more...

UJET and Alvaria are creating a blended experience that will allow CCAI agents to handle inbound and outbound calls in a multichannel world.

Critical forecasting, tracking, agent productivity and real time adherence data are transferred from UJET to Alvaria Workforce through a seamless integration to provide a rich workforce management experience. Forecasting data considers historical call volumes and projects future calls volumes along with staffing needs. Forecasts are then used to schedule the right agents at the right time. Tracking data is used to monitor departures from expected call volumes and average handle times. Agent productivity and real-time adherence data provides supervisors the information they need to monitor agents' performance and be alerted to any deviations from scheduled activities.

Transform Your Quality Process with Alvaria Quality

Identify the most appropriate interactions, evaluate agent performance and capture real-time customer feedback to provide insight on issues and contact quality.

Alvaria Quality includes:

  • Recording – record, play back, stop, start and pause two-sided voice and desktop interactions
  • Evaluations – evaluate voice and screen sessions with easily created dynamic evaluation forms
  • Calibration – workflows will automatically schedule coaches to score certain pre-qualified calls and gives them a deadline
  • Feedback – agents can self-evaluate and have their call scores combined with speech analytics

Voice and screen recordings within Alvaria Quality can be integrated with UJET for easy evaluations using our customisable evaluation forms. Drill into voice interactions seamlessly with search, retrieve, playback, pause and resume functionality. Go one step further to understand your customer interactions with integrated speech solutions, allowing you to view key words/phrases identified during the call and jump to those key words/phrases using the speech tab. Create a uniform measure for scoring through the Alvaria Quality calibration interface. These robust evaluation tools provide clear insight into the complete customer experience, helping to improve agent quality and performance while ensuring consistency and fairness.

Why Choose Alvaria?

UJET and Google Cloud focus on AI and mobile-first CX transformation while Alvaria focuses on strong WEM and outbound products.

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UJET and Google Cloud invested in AI and mobile-first CX transformation.

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UJET and Google Cloud can scale seamlessly.

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Strong Products

With decades of experience in the contact centre software space, Alvaria’s workforce and outbound solutions can meet a variety of use cases in many different industries.

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