Amazon Connect Integration with Alvaria Quality

Enhance Amazon Connect and optimise quality monitoring with effective solutions to assess voice customer interactions.

Integrated, Robust Evaluation Tools

Voice recordings can be used within Alvaria Quality and evaluated using our easily created evaluation forms. These robust evaluation tools provide clear insight into the complete customer experience and help improve agent quality and performance.

Calibration Interface

Ensure evaluators are providing a uniform measure for scoring through the Alvaria Quality calibration interface.


Flexibility to easily search, retrieve, playback, pause and resume customer voice interactions.

*Coming Soon* Phase 2

The addition of Chat and Screen Capture Recording.

Basic Flow for Amazon Connect Phase 1

  1. Voice calls are recorded and stored in the Customers S3 bucket by Amazon Connect.
  2. Each time a call is recorded and placed into S3, Alvaria Quality is sent a CTR (Contact Trace Record) message from the customers AWS that provides metadata and where the call is located.
  3. Alvaria stores the CTR information for future reference.
  4. Customers can search based on CTR metadata and retrieve voice calls for Replaying, Evaluating, Calibrating and Reporting. The customer can use all the functionality of Alvaria Quality.

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