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What Benefit Can a Best-of-Breed Workforce Management Solution Have on Operational Savings?

An enterprise cloud contact centre (ECCC) is a set of best-of-breed applications for the large contact centre that can be configured and deployed to fit your specific needs. Would you be surprised to hear that an ECCC often pays for itself for centres with 150 agents or more?

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What if…
Your schedule adherence was near 100%?

We define schedule adherence (conformance) as subtracting all agent time off the contact platform (breaks, lunches, meetings, etc.) and then ensuring that the remaining time logged on to the contact platform is delivered. This measure should be as close to 100% as possible.

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What if…
Your occupancy rate was in line with regional best in class standards?

We define occupancy as the amount of logged on time when an agent is in a customer facing state (talk, dial, wrap, not ready, etc.). The reverse of this measure is often referred to as agent Idle time. Industry standard for occupancy ranges from 85-95% across the globe.

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What if…
Your shrinkage rate was in line with regional best in class standards?

We define shrinkage as any paid time where an agent is not allocated to be logged into take contacts. This is often broken down into out-of-office (absence, holidays, etc.) and in-office (meetings, one-on-ones, coaching, etc.). We see this can reach level of 30% and above.

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What if…
Your agent attrition rate was less than 25%?

Agent attrition rate or turnover in the contact centre field is the percentage of employees leaving the business per year. According to Contact Babel, the industry agent attrition rate is hovering right around 25%.


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