Alvaria Motivate Mobile

Motivate Employees
from Mobile Devices

Creating a more employee-focused culture helps keep your team motivated and engaged. With mobile tools to easily view goals and progress and redeem rewards, Alvaria makes it even easier to capture your employees’ attention.

Call Centre Workforce Engagement On-the-Go

Align the power of our call centre employee experience application with today’s dynamic working environments. The Alvaria Motivate Mobile application allows employees to see their gamification goals and achievements from anywhere, see what other players are doing and initiate new challenges with peers, view rewards and update their profile.

Dashboards & Notifications

Display an overview of player information including important metrics, timelines, news feeds, information on competitions, goals, levels and badges. Notifications are automatically pushed to players when they reach a goal, get a prize, level up or complete an activity.


Employees can track their progress and rankings and see current leaders for key tracked KPIs, as well as a timeline of new records and personal bests along with duel results. The Leaderboard also displays the raffle wheel and winners and prizes won when the raffle spin occurs.

Competitions & Friends

With fun and friendly competitions, employees can view active competitions and challenges and engage in contests, duels and tournaments. Employees can also define their social networks of colleagues (friends) to see how they are doing and promote healthy competition.

My Awards & Point Redemption

My Awards displays the player’s badges and trophies in a virtual awards cupboard and shows badges for achievements that can be earned in the future. Employees can quickly view available points and redeem them in raffles and auctions, select items from the Bling Bazaar or save points to spend in the company store.

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Additional Call Centre Workforce Management Insights from Our Experts

Using Gamification to Motivate Gen Z
Each generation has distinctive teaching and learning styles. What appeals to Millennial employees may not drive your Gen Z employees. Gen Z is the youngest cohort of employees in the market, and they have grown up in a completely digital age.

What is Call Centre Gamification?
Gamification ensures a healthy yet competitive work environment in which all contact centre agents reach their full potential.

Leverage Gamification to Level Up Call Centre Service and Support
Knowing how well your customer support team is performing is essential for continuous improvement. It is important for managing these frontline workers more efficiently, reducing cost and increasing agent satisfaction which in turn can impact sales and customer retention.

Onboard, Train and Engage Remote Agents with Gamification
Remote employment affords many benefits to both agents and employers. Agents save time and money by not having to commute to the office. They often work more flexible hours than those who work on-site. This can diminish stress levels and enhance work-life balance.

Move Over Millennials, Generation Z is Here
Just when companies were starting to feel confident in their understanding of Millennials, along comes a new generation entering the workforce — Generation Z. Loosely defined as those born between 1994 and 2010, Gen Zers have unique characteristics that companies will need to learn about and accommodate.

Advance Debt Collection and Recovery with Gamification
How do contact centres ensure that they reward the agent behaviours that will lead to the best results for consumers and the company? It all begins with defining the skills that have been proven to achieve the desired outcomes for all involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does gamification improve customer service?

Gamification improves customer service by giving call centres a method to improve customer experience while simultaneously improving employee engagement. Gamification drives innovation, insight and better administration while improving customer service.

Gamification trains agents in a highly specialised way to make an immediate impact in dealing with customers and solving problems. By combining proven call centre training strategies with emerging trends in gamification you can create a technologically savvy and well-trained workforce. Gamification connects your newer agents and employees to existing people and processes, thereby boosting morale and kickstarting company culture. Gamification injected into the contact centre training curriculum can assist in reducing agent turnover, reward consistency and proficiency and make it easier to develop team dynamics, thereby increasing the efficacy of the team while improving customer service and experience. Gamification works by building rewards and recognition for contact centre employees driving performance tied directly to CX KPIs.

What is call centre gamification?

Gamification is work made fun. Gamification in contact centres is training, metrics and performance tied to incentives, rewards and bonuses. Gamification in the call centre seeks to keep your employees connected and invested. Gamification in the call centre is focused on developing a workforce of agents that are engaged, self-aware and proficient, while promoting the ability to have fun doing your job. Call centre gamification harnesses the power of healthy competition as well as the stickiness of gameplay. Gamification training strategies in the contact centre are specifically designed to deal with problems and customers efficiently, producing desired outcomes. Training and continuing education can be designed to gamify and integrate your internal processes, policies and practices – ensuring your live agents, omnichannel and technology platforms all sync up. The training, technology and rewards and recognition system can also reflect your organisation and the culture. Gamification in the call centre typically unlocks equipment upgrades, certification achievements, or even bonus paid vacation days.

How can gamification help remote call centre teams?

Gamification can help remote call centre teams in a variety of ways. Primarily, gamification can reduce onboarding time dramatically, allowing instantaneous feedback about agents’ knowledge and retention, as well as providing a roadmap for future training. Participation, engagement and collaboration all increase with gamification tools and strategies. In addition, gamification provides and promotes improvement of collaboration and instant feedback from members of the team, peers and administration, regardless of location. Gamification empowers agents both internally and externally through visibility of their metrics, creating trust and transparency within teams. Cohesive teams have been shown to perform better individually as well as a whole. Hybrid or decentralised teams can benefit from gamification as performance metrics can be measured and evaluated and compared regardless of time zone or locale. Incorporating gamification into workforce optimisation (WFO) tools and processes, you can reinforce a culture that operates both in the interests of the agents and in the interests of the organization no matter the physical location.

How do employees experience gamification?

Employees experience gamification by being better trained, more self-aware and motivated. Gamification permits employees to hit the ground running with technology and process comprehension while understanding the incentive to progress. Gamification also promotes employee retention and satisfaction by improving employee engagement. Gamification helps to keep your workplace exciting and fresh, thereby diminishing turnover and creating opportunities for developing your existing talent. Employees who experience gamification at work understand strategy as well as rewards and recognition in the workplace. Gamification allows your training to adapt to become as diverse and conscious as your workforce. Avatars, icons, emoji used in gamification can easily reflect your business culture and diversity. Gamification can also improve the employee experience through consistent measurement and analysis. Gamification allows employees and their supervisors unlimited access to data and KPIs in order to improve. By tying this data to rewards, you can create a workforce that is perpetually evolving and improving.

What are examples of gamification at work?

Gamification at work can take many forms, but typically fall into a few categories. Training-based gamification, performance-based gamification and process-based gamification are just a few examples of how gamification can be used at work. Training-based gamification usually involves onboarding and may be quizzes, races, team metrics and knowledge testing for new hires. Training gamification is a key factor in optimising hiring and helping to bond teams and their management. Training based gamification may also be employed in continuing education strategies. Performance-based gamification is designed to maximise potential and optimise your workforce. Tools such as leaderboards allow employees to track their progress and rankings and promote healthy head-to-head competition. Winners receive immediate feedback and competitors can see exactly how they stack up against each other. Process-based gamification is a way to implement gamification techniques while focusing on skills other than selling or conversion. Awards and bonuses for schedule adherence, document generation, efficiency and accuracy are all opportunities to stress the value of internal processes and reinforce their value added to the team and to the organisation.