Alvaria Motivate Mobile

Motivate Employees
from Mobile Devices

Creating a more employee-focused culture helps keep your team motivated and engaged. With mobile tools to easily view goals and progress and redeem rewards, Alvaria makes it even easier to capture your employees’ attention.

Call Centre Workforce Engagement On-the-Go

Align the power of our call centre employee experience application with today’s dynamic working environments. The Alvaria Motivate Mobile application allows employees to see their gamification goals and achievements from anywhere, see what other players are doing and initiate new challenges with peers, view rewards and update their profile.

Dashboards & Notifications

Display an overview of player information including important metrics, timelines, news feeds, information on competitions, goals, levels and badges. Notifications are automatically pushed to players when they reach a goal, get a prize, level up or complete an activity.


Employees can track their progress and rankings and see current leaders for key tracked KPIs, as well as a timeline of new records and personal bests along with duel results. The Leaderboard also displays the raffle wheel and winners and prizes won when the raffle spin occurs.

Competitions & Friends

With fun and friendly competitions, employees can view active competitions and challenges and engage in contests, duels and tournaments. Employees can also define their social networks of colleagues (friends) to see how they are doing and promote healthy competition.

My Awards & Point Redemption

My Awards displays the player’s badges and trophies in a virtual awards cupboard and shows badges for achievements that can be earned in the future. Employees can quickly view available points and redeem them in raffles and auctions, select items from the Bling Bazaar or save points to spend in the company store.

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