Alvaria Motivate

Optimised Employee
Engagement Solution

Using game mechanics to motivate and engage call centre employees both intrinsically and extrinsically seamlessly aligns employee behaviours to company goals — resulting in improved employee retention, performance, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Call Centre Game Mechanics Made Simple

71% of all employees are not engaged while at work and the average call centre has a 26% attrition rate. Alvaria Motivate turns those numbers around with engaging contests, recognition and rewards. Maximise your ROI with an optimised engagement solution.


Drive agent performance using competition mechanics or head-to-head duels that can be launched in under a minute. Our Normalisation Engine allows you to create equity between agents on dissimilar campaigns — whether agent vs. agent, team vs. team or team vs. centre, it’s all managed efficiently.


Facilitate instant agent gratification with the ability to redeem points earned for a reward of their choice. Add variety by utilising our Live Auction where agents can bid on prizes, creating more buzz and competition for key rewards.


Focus agents on the outcomes that matter most to your organisation by dynamically aligning their activities with organisational goals. As your organisational objectives change, agents will stay-up-to-date and aligned with the latest goals each day.

Status Levels

Making agents and supervisors feel important among their peers is a valuable motivator. Alvaria Motivate provides levelling to create status rankings among employees.


Utilise public leaderboards to recognise and display your employees' achievements. This makes it easier to pinpoint where performance is falling short, all while providing high-performing agents greater recognition.


Leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the employee community. If immediate course correction is needed, supervisors have the ability to launch coaching so the whole team succeeds.


With Alvaria Motivate — Learning Management System (LMS), supervisors can make training more engaging, which yields lower training costs and increased CX. The LMS can also help you better understand what rewards agents want and what support they need to stay engaged and meet goals.

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