Alvaria Real Time Optimizer

Next-Gen Call
Centre AI Software

Reduce operating costs, keep agents productive and engaged and enhance the end-customer experience with Alvaria Real Time Optimizer — our real-time call centre automation solution.

Optimisation of Your Workforce Made Easy

With massive amounts of data generated every second — including calls in queue, net staffing, schedule details, agent state and so much more — there’s more data than anyone can process manually and it’s costing organisations lost time, opportunities and dollars. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Alvaria Workforce, our Real Time Optimizer allows contact centres to process high-volume data in real-time to intelligently determine — and direct — each agent’s activity to maximise productivity and engagement and produce immediate results.

Streamline Communications

Automatically monitor agent idle time and deliver training, coaching, work updates, surprise breaks, birthday or work-anniversary wishes, or other tasks or personalised messages when service levels can accommodate. Schedules are updated automatically.

Simplify Staffing

Using real-time staffing data, Alvaria Real Time Optimizer monitors call volume and schedule data to ensure appropriate staffing, notifies supervisors when an agent is late for their shift, offers voluntary time off and overtime and reacts to customer-agent volume fluctuations — matching agent supply with customer demands. Schedules are updated automatically.

Automate Schedule Adherence

Use real-time automation to prompt agents into their designated breaks or end-of-day shift before a potential long call creates adherence issues. Schedules are updated automatically.

Improve Call Handling

Prompt agents with a helping hand or reminder to return to work when they go beyond pre-determined thresholds for after-call-work or caller hold time. Schedules are updated automatically.

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