Alvaria WEM Suite Latest Version

Optimise and Engage Your Workforce With the Latest Capabilities

Empower today’s on-the-go agents with the most advanced enterprise contact centre solutions. With the latest features and capabilities, organisations can take advantage of contact centre efficiencies and deliver customer experiences that result in improved satisfaction, increased revenue and streamlined operations.

Best-in-Class Enterprise Software

Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management elevates the role of contact centre agents with advancements in automation and self-service. Plan your upgrade to Alvaria WEM v22 today and further optimise and engage your workforce, improve compliance and drive perpetual improvement of the contact centre.

Alvaria Workforce Enhanced Schedule Editor

Reduce training time for new employees trying to view and request schedule changes with our newly designed Schedule Editor. This modern, web calendar-like design makes it easy for supervisors to perform drag-and-drop editing, schedule recurring meetings, and view potential changes before they go live. New in v22.

Alvaria Workforce Intraday Timeline

Create more accurate forecasts by utilising the intraday timeline. Easily view assigned scheduled activities by either employee or by activity type moment to moment. Switch between the two views to assess and answer questions about pay status, geolocation, staffing impact, adherence impact and more. New in v22.

Alvaria Workforce Mobile Schedule Preferences

For Alvaria Workforce customers using the Alvaria Workforce Empower enhancement package and Alvaria Workforce Mobile, employees can view and update schedule preferences on the go. Employees can submit preferences for a single schedule or multiple schedules and select detailed preferences by viewing and updating preference lines, unavailable times and weekly goal information. New in v22.

Designed for Large Enterprises

Scale up to 15,000 users in Microsoft Azure or the AWS cloud, seamlessly interface with third-party routers and more.

Omnichannel Forecasting & Scheduling

Gold standard omnichannel simulation models provide the most accurate WFM forecasting and flexible scheduling across all channels.

Automated Break Optimisation

Automatically adjust the start times of employee breaks (or other segment start times) in schedules to more closely match scheduled staff to required staff at any given moment in the day.

Alvaria Workforce Superstates

Utilise Alvaria Workforce Superstates for advanced reporting and business rules. Define time spent on activities that fit the data that matters to you. For example, create a personal account rule which debits from a sick balance, but only if the occurrence is more than two hours in duration. Leverage Alvaria Workforce Superstates to extract valuable insights about time spent on activities and create advanced business rules that make sense for your organisation’s unique operations. New in v22.

Alvaria Workforce Cloud Data Access

Organisations using the cloud want to access their raw workforce data in a similar manner as companies with on-premises/hosted deployments. Completely tailored to the needs of each organisation, Alvaria Workforce Cloud Data Access provides access to more frequently updated data. Plus, the opportunity to integrate with any third-party analytics tool. Gain a holistic view of the data flow no matter what solutions are used to collect it and generate digestible reports to enable better, more informed data-driven business decisions with complete control of your workforce data analytics.

Simplified Migration

All configurations and data can be seamlessly transitioned from on-premises or hosted systems to the Alvaria Cloud Platform.

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