Strengthen the Patient Provider Relationship

Differentiate your brand through excellent customer service. Alvaria provides powerful patient engagement capabilities for the healthcare industry with tools to enhance agent productivity, improve scheduling, increase payments on patient accounts and more to improve the patient experience.

A Solution for All Your Patient Engagement Challenges

Whether you’re a hospital, medical group, or service bureau specialising in medical accounts, our robust suite of best-of-breed contact management and workforce engagement management tools allows you to create a more productive and efficient healthcare services operation, while improving the patient experience.

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Improve Right-Party Contacts

Advanced dialling algorithms, superior tone and voice detection, and additional features through our superior Workforce Management solution helps keep your agents spending more time talking to patients, and less time on unconnected calls.

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Enhance Efficiency with Self-Service

Empower patients to take care of simple tasks, such as providing account status, processing payments, and allowing patients to make account changes and confirm appointments without speaking to a live agent.

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Increase Response Rates

Campaign planning helps ensure agents are reaching out to the right people at the right time. Automated Agent allows for personalised outbound messaging that can notify patients of balances due, send appointment reminders or notifications, or connect them to a live agent.

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Assign Inbound Calls to the Right Agent

Use intelligent, skills-based contact routing to get patients to the best agent for their needs. Assign specific agents to repeat patients, send new accounts to agents with a history of more success, or route calls for new and existing accounts to different groups.

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Create a Unified, Omnichannel Operation

Keep inbound contact volumes SLAs in check and optimise agent activity by letting them service blended inbound and outbound voice and text-based interactions at the same time, without manually switching between user interfaces and software applications. Through our Omnichannel solution, the system automatically adjusts dynamically to fluctuating contact volumes.

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Maximise Performance

A comprehensive employee engagement management suite allows users to build workflows, create messages, control centre resources, monitor real-time performance, and build customer reports without requiring high-level IT experts. Leverage game mechanics to drive behaviour for better patient service experiences.

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Manage Compliance

Our solution includes patented tools to help you manage your operations in accordance with regulatory and industry guidelines, including data security and privacy, HIPAA, TCPA wireless dialling, Ofcom, GDRP, calling hours, dual consent, TSR, ACMA, and more.

Premium Customer Experience Example Demonstration

Multi-channel Patient Engagement: Interactive Text Response and Live Staff Member

See how a one-way appointment reminder can be turned into a two-way conversation over SMS and moved to live assistance when needed, without the need to repeat information. The result - a fast, efficient appointment rescheduling experience.

Interactive Demo

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