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With Alvaria CX Voice Agent, you can use any combination of inbound route and queue types to intelligently support and differentiate your customer service strategies and outbound dialling to proactively engage your customers for sales and collections efforts.

Increase the Productivity of Your Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Centre Campaigns

Automate, organise and manage campaigns and resources to increase productivity and improve efficiency with our full-featured enterprise call centre software.

Skills-Based Routing

Powerful inbound call centre solutions that match the most appropriate agent to each contact provide faster, more efficient issue resolution and better service experiences.

Dynamic Route & Queue Capabilities

Queue across groups, teams or the entire agent population to meet SLA targets and efficiently utilise agent resources. Conditionally route customers according to contact centre statistics, customer preferences or other internal/external data.

Dialling & Pacing Options

Support every outbound engagement strategy with a variety of manual and auto dialling options including Preview, Precision, Predictive, Automatic and Blaster.

Attention Retainers & Callback Options

Improve the inbound calling experience with wait-time and queue position notification and the offer of scheduled callbacks when wait-times increase.

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Digital Omnichannel is Invaluable, But Voice is Still the Best Channel for Negotiating
Tech-savvy, digital-minded consumers aren’t completely abandoning the phone in favour of other digital channels such as SMS, web chat, email and social media.

Why Voice Authentication Can Help Financial Institutions Deliver Better Customer Service
Banking customers have provided passwords or PINs to access their accounts. It’s just part of the process, and they understand it’s a necessity for information and account security. Of course, they’ve also had to deal with the challenges of forgetting them.

The Top 5 Benefits of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Automated IVR phone systems are used by enterprise contact centres to answer incoming calls, or when an outbound call is answered, to provide a recorded message with options and information for the caller.

The Basics of Automatic Call Distribution
ACD switch and IVR systems also often use a voice menu to direct callers based on the customer’s selection, telephone number, selected incoming line, or time of day. ACDs are commonly used in call centres to help companies handle large volumes of calls.

Why Visual IVR Is A Bad Idea
Visual IVR, as implemented by most players in the industry today, means an IVR application augmented with a visual interface. So right after calling into a company hotline, while interacting with an IVR system, smartphone technology and (most) carrier networks let us open a native mobile app or browse to a mobile Web app.