Alvaria CXP

Easily Design and Maintain
Self-Service Applications

Alvaria CXP empowers your business to take greater control of your customers' IVR experience.

Self-Service Delivering Powerful Business Benefits

Implement and maintain personalised IVR systems that will have a positive impact on first-contact resolution rates—freeing up your contact centre agents to address more complex problems.

A Full Suite of Tools

Alvaria CXP Pro delivers all the tools you need to design, develop, document, test, deploy, report on and analyse your self-service applications. Applications developed with Alvaria CXP Pro are 100% portable and integrate with all Aspect and third-party contact centre solutions and IVR platforms.

All-in-One Omnichannel Solution

For design, development and deployment of omnichannel solutions, including social chat, chatbots, SMS, and mobile web. This package is essential.

Your Choice of Stand-alone or Bundled

Alvaria CXP comes standalone as a revered development and deployment self-service tool, or bundled with companion piece, Alvaria Prophecy – an Enterprise class IVR platform delivering both inbound and outbound Modern IVR support, CXP Pro.

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