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Reduce Fraud While Building
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Alvaria Verify is a powerful suite of automated solutions for proactive monitoring, identification, prevention and notification of fraudulent transactions.

Deter Fraud with Powerful Call Centre Fraud Detection Solution

Financial institutions are continuing to see an increase in online activity – with some seeing their numbers double in the past two years. This significant rise in online engagement has made their customers more susceptible to fraud, requiring more robust call centre fraud detection capabilities.

Protection Against SIM Swap

Perform live lookups at the point of transaction/communication to see there is a discrepancy and establishes if the fraudster has obtained a duplicate SIM card, thus posing as a consumer and intercepting messages intended for the consumer.

Multichannel Two-Factor Authentication

Use two-factor authentication to ensure that the customer is the only person who can access their account, even if someone else knows their password. Although typically using SMS or voice, all channels can be used.

Divert Detection

Real-time checks detect redirected calls and forwarded SMS messages at the mobile network level. Initiated via the SaaS web-based application, this detection is transparent to the consumer. If fraudulent activity is detected, automated communication can be triggered.

Location Verification

Identify the location of customers’ mobile devices in relation to known fraud hotspots and establish historical patterns of mistrust as an indicator of potential fraud.

Seamless SaaS Integration

Deploy in the cloud and integrate with your existing back-end systems such as risk engines to obtain a 360-degree picture of all fraudulent activity and risks associated.

Global Availability

Alvaria Verify is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Greece. Additional countries are being added on a regular basis.

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