Alvaria CX Suite 22.1

Enhance Customer Experience with the Latest Capabilities

Turn customer experiences into a competitive advantage with the most advanced enterprise contact centre solution. The latest features and capabilities in this comprehensive solution gives organisations the tools to expand inbound and outbound capabilities with seamless omnichannel interactions, while maintaining full control, privacy and compliance.

Exceptional Contact Centre Software

Alvaria CX enhances your contact centre by providing tools that aid in agent efficiency, administrative productiveness, and compliance. All leading to better customer experiences, higher engagement, increased ROI and improved outcomes.

Support for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Enhance omnichannel experiences by providing your customers with more convenient and preferred channels to communicate. Alvaria CX now supports inbound and two-way communications through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. New in v22.1.

True Two-Way SMS Communications

Provide better support to your customers with true two-way SMS capabilities. Alvaria CX can now be configured to deliver inbound SMS and social channel messages as persistent bi-directional connections within a web chat interface. This means your agent can stay focused and engaged in a dialogue instead of relying solely on fire-and-forget messaging. New in v22.1.

Improved Chat Interface

Empower your agents to handle chat messages with a new and improved interface. Agents can view chat history, respond with templated messages, add attachments or even liven up a conversation using emoji and images. New in v22.1.

Enhanced Real-Time Reporting

Respond to issues quicker and monitor your contact centre by viewing real-time and near real-time statistics on agents, groups, campaigns, inbound calls, and more! Now added to real-time reporting capabilities is an inbound SMS/social dashboard widget where you can view statistics for SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. New in v22.1.

Integrate with Alvaria CXP/Alvaria Prophecy for Self-Service Bot Capabilities

Leverage the advanced IVR/Self-Service capabilities that Alvaria CXP and Alvaria Prophecy have to offer. To start, the integration will provide the ability to deploy AI-powered voicebots that can route callers to Alvaria CX Suite agents. On top of that, you will be able to build and deploy self-service chatbots, empower customers through disposable apps and much more! (Note: v22 of Alvaria CXP and Alvaria Prophecy are required for this integration). New in v22.1.

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Keep your organisation compliant with laws and regulations such as TCPA, CFPB, Ofcom and more. Alvaria CX regulatory compliance tools help you easily deploy the right level of dialing rules to maximise outcomes, while avoiding compliance errors that lead to fines and lawsuits.

Advanced List and Campaign Management

Engage your outbound contacts with efficiency by leveraging state of the art tools for list and campaign management that fit the needs of your business.

Skills-Based Routing

Increase inbound customer service experiences through skills-based routing tools that lead to optimal agent matching and fast issue resolution. Alvaria has a variety of both inbound and outbound tools that make customer experience management easy.

Premise/Private Cloud Deployment Options

Utilise Alvaria CX on your terms with on-premises and private cloud deployment options.

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