Improved Productivity & Workflows

Robotic Process Automation for Contact Centres

Optimise your standard and repetitive operational activities and automate these error-prone tasks—improving accuracy, efficiency and consistency.

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Helping Companies Like These Provide Superior Customer and Agent Experiences

Reduce Compliance Risk and Enhance Agent Efficiency

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Maintain Compliance

Your company can do serious damage to its financial health and reputation if rules and regulations are violated. By recommending statements for agents to speak and automatically pausing recording while sensitive information is given, Alvaria Automate Attended helps your call center maintain compliance.

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Reduced Costs

Decrease manual labour by automating repetitive data processing tasks and bringing AI to customer care before, during and after interactions. As an efficient workflow optimisation tool that optimises time-consuming front and back-office operations, you can free your teams to focus on more important tasks that moves your business forward.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functions with error-free data accuracy, eliminating human error which can result in real and unplanned costs for organisations. The more manual labour you can delegate to RPA bots, the fewer errors you will experience and the more time you will save that was previously used correcting errors.

Results from Customers

For one global bank, Alvaria Automate Attended significantly reduced the time it took to open accounts – sometimes by as much as 50% for a mid-level processor. By setting up accounts more quickly, employees improved the customer experience.

A healthcare service provider reduced average handle time (AHT) in their call centre by 16% for seasoned employees and by 25% for new employees with Alvaria Automate Attended.

Use the Power of RPA to Focus Agents on Higher Value Tasks While Creating Better Experiences for Customers

Flexible Deployment

Available on-premises, in a hosted setting, or on the cloud contact centre platform of your choice for optimal flexibility, enabling you to choose the deployment that’s right for your business.

Attended RPA

Residing on the desktops of call centre agents, Alvaria Automate Attended allows for human-to-bot collaboration, enhancing CX and EX.

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