IVR Specification

Investing in the identification and development of specific use case scenarios and their associated functional requirements will significantly reduce total IVR application development and redesign costs. These use case scenarios also help to increase operational savings and return on investment for an IVR system.

IVR Specification:

A typical IVR specification project would involve the following analyses and deliverables:

Business Goals Overview: Articulates the business and customer goals of the application to be created based on marketing requirements.

Application Assumptions: Outlines key application assumptions that will impact interface and technical design, such as n-best disambiguation, DTMF backup and text to speech parameters.

Voice Strategy: Consultants work with clients to develop compelling strategies for voice-enabled applications by identifying areas for operational savings, defining a product roadmap and developing feature requirements for best-in-class solutions.

Voice-Specific Use Cases: Provides detailed descriptions for application features, outlines the voice user interface requirements and indicates application integration with back-end systems.


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