Auto Dialer

A full-featured auto dialer offers a range of pacing options. Which option is best? It depends upon the nature of the call campaign and the regulatory environment where the calls are being placed.

Auto Dialer pacing options provided by robust outbound contact center solutions typically include:

Manual Dialing:

The most basic form of dialing, manual dialers require agents to refer to a contact list, manually dial the number and wait to see if the call is answered by a live person.

Preview Dialing:

The simplest outbound dialing method, preview dialing selects a record from a call list and suggests it to an agent, allowing the customer support agent an opportunity to review the contact record and determine if they would like to make the call.

Automatic Dialing:

Auto-dialers assist human agents by eliminating time-consuming tasks and automatically dialing the phone number, subsequently connecting the call to an agent once the call is answered

Precision Dialing:

Reducing the number of calls waiting for an agent, precision dialing adjusts the number of calls dialed based on the availability of agents during the dialing sequence.

Predictive Dialing:

Designed to optimize customer service agent productivity, predictive dialing software minimizes the amount of time it takes to manually dial phone numbers by placing phone calls before an agent is available. The software predicts when a live agent can make the next call, as well as their availability.

Blaster Dialing:

Dialing not based on agent logged–in status, but rather on available resources, such as Voice Portal ports.


Auto dialer software for outbound call centres can help improve agent productivity by working through lists of numbers more quickly than when agents have to choose a number and dial it themselves. In addition, automated dialers can offer an advantage in the ability to distinguish between live human pick-ups and non-connects. Systems that can “screen” out unsuccessful dial attempts – such as busy signals, no answers, disconnected numbers and even answering machines (which may first appear as a live customer) – rather than passing them through to agents will help further increase agent productivity, as well as reduce agent fatigue.


Compliance is also a critical element for auto dialers. Anybody wishing to use an automated dialer to contact many customers will need to maintain compliance with the relevant laws in their country. The ability to maintain records, demonstrate drop call percentages on campaigns and avoid calling numbers listed in any federal, state, or company ‘Do Not Call’ lists is essential for continued legal use of any auto dialer. More strict regulations, such as the for wireless dialing and consent, veto the use of an automated-capable system, even if a number is entered manually.


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