The Difference between Enterprise Cloud Call Centre Solutions and Traditional CCaaS

Aug 30, 2022, 16:19 PM by Ben English

The question is often asked, “Why isn’t Alvaria in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS?”  The answer lies in the difference between CCaaS and Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre (ECCC) solutions. 

Cloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) vs Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre (ECCC)  

Often, small and medium-sized contact centres find an all-in-one, all-at-once CCaaS delivery model attractive.  This approach allows them to consolidate into a single solution. Large enterprises on the other hand possess scalability needs and operational complexity that make out-of-the-box software solutions a poor fit.   

The Alvaria best-of-breed enterprise cloud contact centre (ECCC) solutions are built with the large enterprise customers in mind – they’re a fully integrated set of customisable customer interaction and workforce engagement management modules able to integrate with other platforms and perform specialised functions tailored to business requirements. 

Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant 

So what is CCaaS as defined by Gartner?  Each year, Gartner releases a Magic Quadrant report for the contact centre as a service (CCaaS) market. Gartner characterises CCaaS solutions as sub-500 seat contact centre environments for organisations looking to consolidate stand-alone environments into an all-in-one solution, from a single provider.  

Additionally, CCaaS aligns really well to those Organisations who need minimal customisations, rather their environment is more suited to a “plug and play.”  So, the best practice would be that if your organisation is made up of multiple business units with a diverse set of customer expectations and you choose to opt for a CCaaS solution it's best to factor in significant services to support your needs. [BB] Inserted paragraph above  

Why Do Alvaria and Many Other Leading Vendors Not Participate in the Gartner CCaaS Report? 

Several other vendors in the ECCC space have chosen not to participate in this particular report for similar reasons to Alvaria. Our priorities in terms of flexibility, choice, capabilities and roadmap do not fit Gartner's definition of CCaaS.  

Alvaria works closely with Gartner in other reports, including their Voice of the Customer and Market Guide for Contact Centre Workforce Engagement Management, and we regularly provide briefings to Gartner analysts. 

The relationship between Alvaria and Gartner remains strong. In past reports, Gartner has praised our solutions, stating that customers should seriously consider our cloud platform “if you are looking to deploy feature-rich CCaaS capabilities, particularly in large and very large contact centres.”    

Critical Capabilities of an Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre Solution 

Create an exceptional customer experience by leveraging a robust enterprise cloud contact centre solution. 

  • Frictionless and continuous customer journeys that move smoothly from omnichannel self-service to agent assisted interactions 

  • Flexible cloud deployment options with enterprise-grade business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities 

  • Modular in nature – able to start with one or multiple best-of-breed contact centre applications and add more as needs and requirements change.  

  • Full featured tools for data privacy and regulatory compliance configurations 

  • Fully support enhanced workforce engagement management including quality, performance management, gamification and seamless mobile workforce experiences 

  • Incorporate advanced capabilities such as AI powered productivity to both enhance the customer experience and optimise agent productivity 

The Evolution of Alvaria Cloud 

Alvaria takes pride in our history of helping the world’s top organisations shape industry-leading customer experiences while also igniting high levels of agent engagement and performance.  Understanding our enterprise software buyers demand best-of-breed solutions, we’ve created a feature-rich portfolio of cloud applications that are uniquely designed with the needs of large organisations in mind.   

The Alvaria Cloud applications fit seamlessly into any infrastructure configuration and are specifically designed for optimisation and growth, whether your contact centre uses a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid server deployment model.  

All of these applications are deployed on the Alvaria Cloud Platform, which is backed by an industry-leading 99.999% SLA and enterprise-grade business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities.  

Alvaria is unique in offering both multi-tenant and single-tenant deployment options, allowing our customers to choose the model that is the right fit for their organisation. We also recognise many organisations have a strongly preferred cloud-services provider, which is why we offer cloud choice - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure today and more to come soon. 

CCaaS all-in-one solutions are a great fit for many small to medium-size contact centres and even some larger centres with fairly standard requirements.  Large enterprises typically need a more robust and flexible solution to leverage their existing infrastructure while growing forward, and that’s where the ECCC solution meets the need. 

To learn more about Alvaria cloud call centre software and see how we can work together to enhance your agent and customer engagement levels and improve your customer lifetime loyalty, contact us today