Aspect and Intuit: Helping You Survive Tax Season

May 16, 2021, 18:29 PM by Legacy Post
Blog Image: Remote Agent

April 15 is a date that strikes fear into the hearts of many Americans as they scramble to explain to the IRS how much federal income tax they should be paying.  It’s not surprising that so many American are nervous: The US tax code is beyond the knowledge of most taxpayers, and the supposedly simple forms and instructions are virtually undecipherable unless you are a CPA, in fact, only 8.5% of Americans use the IRS forms. Yet taxpayers are being instructed by a powerful branch of the US government to correctly report how much tax they owe.

TurboTax to the rescue.  In 2017, about 40 million returns were processed using TurboTax, a subsidiary of Intuit Software.  TurboTax, with a market share of about 70% of the online tax software business, does a remarkable job of simplifying the dreaded task of filing tax returns and has been a boon to those of us who don’t want to pay an accountant. However, the tax code changes frequently, and there’s a recurring human learning curve with any software being used for a short period of time only once per year.  Annually, Intuit fields hundreds of thousands of customer service inquiries, with a huge volume spike between January and April 15.

Intuit has a unique workforce challenge: how do you employ, engage and motivate a customer service organization to address an exceptionally seasonal demand with appropriately skilled representatives that can project competence and happiness to a customer base that’s inherently in an unhappy state of mind?

That’s where Aspect joins in the challenge to help millions survive the tax season.  Aspect provides the sophisticated workforce management solution being used by Intuit to forecast, schedule and track the performance of Intuit’s thousands of customer service agents.  In fact, Alvaria Workforce Management is helping Intuit give employees a well-organized work environment where the workload is balanced, even during tax season when call volumes are very high and often erratic.  Watch this short video. to see how Intuit is using #1 rated Aspect WFM to provide great customer service to millions of users.