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Alvaria Cloud: Unified customer engagement platform with native call center, IVR and workforce management capabilities hosted in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.
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Alvaria Workforce: Forecast, schedule and track adherence of employee schedules to ensure the right number of people with the right skills at the right time.
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Alvaria CXP: Self-service solutions for voice (IVR), text/messaging (chatbots), and mobile channels (disposable apps) with a design-once-deploy-anywhere approach.
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Alvaria Quality: Evaluate quality of audio and screen interactions from the perspective of agent, supervisor, and customer with automated analytics.
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Capterra: owned by Gartner, Capterra is a leading digital marketplace for business software with more than 3 million visitors each month. Reviews submitted on Capterra will also appear on GetApp and Software Advice. To post a review here, you only need to answer 6 questions. Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes.

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Gartner Peer Reviews: this site is hosted by Gartner and includes detailed questions on the pros and cons of a solution, features and functionality, time to implement and more. Reviews are assessed and verified by Gartner before being published which can take up to 1 week to appear online. All reviews appear as anonymous on the site. Estimated time to complete: 10 to 20 minutes.

Over 2,000 Happy Customers – Case Studies & Testimonials

Want to read about other customers’ experiences using Alvaria solutions? Enjoy the stories below and explore others in our Resource Library.

Citizens Financial Logo

Solution: Alvaria Workforce
Industry: Banking/finance

“I’ve used Alvaria Workforce for years and when it came time to upgrade our old system, I knew that Alvaria would help us meet the requirements of our contact center, reduce our costs and deliver advanced reporting.”

Isabel De Almeida, VP, Workforce Operations at Citizens Financial Group

The General Logo

Solution: Alvaria CXP
Industry: Insurance

The General chose Alvaria CXP to build a sophisticated, streamlined, and efficient Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience for their customers. For those customers opting in, they supplemented voice with automated proactive SMS-based payment and renewal reminders.

“We are opting in about 80 customers a day to our SMS program through our IVR – our completion rate as defined as those entering the IVR to complete a task is over 60%.”

Terry Blankenship, AVP of The General

City of Mesa Logo

Solution: Aspect Unified IP
Industry: Government

The City of Mesa has successfully consolidated its contact centers and information lines on the Alvaria platform with fully integrated interaction functionality. The Mesa team completed their roll-out of 7 contact centers, including IVR for 3 of them, within 8 months. The single vendor solution resulted in a 40% reduction in maintenance costs and a single vendor contact for all support needs. The IT team now can focus on the software’s new end-user capabilities and citizen support.

RCN Logo

Solution: Alvaria Quality
Industry: Telecom

RCN, a top ten broadband provider, uses Alvaria Quality, combined with Alvaria Performance and Alvaria Workforce to improve every agent/customer interaction.

Alvaria Quality has allowed RCN to view what areas of the call need to be improved upon by identifying common deficiencies among most of the call center agents. As a result, recurrent training efforts are more effective and are focused on driving quality.