The Importance of Quantifying Trust in Contact Centers

Sep 7, 2023, 13:47 PM by Miriam Beattie

Trust is essential to the composition of customer relationships. No matter the sector, enhancing brand loyalty and driving business growth in a contact center are impossible without consumer confidence. But quantifying trust in a contact center environment is a challenge. Scams, swindles, and sketchy business have plagued the industry. Contact centers still contend with the telemarketer/cold-caller stigma daily.

Quantifying trust in a contact center requires a customer-centric organizational culture. If trust is a core value, its importance is clear to every agent and staff member. When your workforce is aligned with a customer-centric culture, every interaction reflects the organization's commitment to building and maintaining trust. This commitment permeates recruitment, onboarding, and retention of your employees as well as your business partnerships. Partnerships like Alvaria’s trusted strategic alliance with Salesforce means leveraging their respective strengths across the customer journey. But it takes more than a partnership to deliver valuable connections; your organizational processes must be equally reliable. If trust is your currency, the KPIs, technology, and culture of your organization must all support and inspire trusted interactions.

Defining the Metrics

Quantifying begins with defining relevant touchpoints and data that measure the level of trust customers have in your agents and your contact center. With so much data available, it’s tempting to use a large number of data points to support your initiatives. In this case, it may be helpful to start small. Direct and precise measurement is more important than interpretations when it comes to quantifying customer trust. Let’s start with Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges your end user’s willingness to endorse the brand to their connections. Naturally, a high NPS indicates a strong level of trust. The other major trust KPI is customer satisfaction (CSAT). While satisfaction can mean a lot of things, CSAT in combination with customer feedback can narrow focus and provide metrics for trust-related factors such as agent professionalism, problem resolution, and communication effectiveness. First-Call Resolution (FCR) is an underutilized trust metric with remarkable implications. FCR determines whether your business is capable of resolving customer issues in a single interaction. When customers' problems are resolved promptly, CSAT and trust skyrockets. Trust metrics are closely tied to perception of agent and representative competence.

Using Technology

Now that we’ve determined what to measure, let’s talk about how to deliver. The most important piece to enable trust delivery is your platform. Analysis and capacity are vital in the execution and quantification trust in your contact center. By leveraging speech analytics to monitor and evaluate conversations between agents and customers, you can detect sentiment, emotional cues, and language patterns, providing insights into satisfaction and the quality of interaction. Using advanced sentiment analysis can identify positive or negative sentiments in real-time, allowing supervisors to address concerns immediately. Direct customer response is a goldmine for understanding trust levels in a call center. Implementing Voice of Customer (VoC) programs enables call centers to gather actionable data that targets perception of trustworthiness.

In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats, security is an easy way to garner trust. Contact centers that prioritize data protection and stress compliance build trust with their customers. Encryption and secure authentication can reassure your customers that their sensitive information is safe with your agents. Solutions like Alvaria Advanced Outreach™ provide you with built-in compliance tools that make proactive outbound outreach easy while reducing costly risk.

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Contact centers that prioritize and inspire trust will ultimately reap the rewards of stronger customer relationships, increased loyalty, and sustainable business growth. Salesforce and Alvaria Advanced Outreach will help your business instill confidence in customers, empower your agents, and facilitate proactive resolution; trust us.

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