Reshaping CX, One Year In

May 9, 2022, 20:35 PM by Colleen Sheley
One year ago today, we announced Alvaria, born from the merger of two of the leaders in the customer experience space. Alvaria pledged to take the best and brightest of both companies and create a major unified force for innovation and growth thus becoming the world leader in customer experience and workforce engagement management solutions. We had an ambitious goal: become the industry standard for reshaping CX. 

So, one year in, how are we doing?  

Alvaria represents the largest financial institutions, healthcare, online retail, and travel and transportation companies in the world. Alvaria solutions are trusted by five of the top five commercial banks, eight of the top 10 telecom providers, six of the top six airline carriers, four of the top four technology companies, and five of Forbes’ top seven global companies. We’re helping companies create better experiences for their customers and the employees who serve them – and this is evident in the caliber of companies who choose Alvaria products.  

Everything we do at Alvaria affects an entire ecosystem of customer experience. Your customers depend on your agents for customer service, and your agents depend on the software and solutions that enable them to deliver it. So, we have continued to reshape our award-winning software to empower you to deliver exceptional CX. Post-merger we have rolled out the industry-leading Alvaria CX Suite with advanced voice and omnichannel capabilities, compliant outreach, sophisticated IVR, natural language understanding (NLU), self-service, customer insights and analytics.  We have also introduced the best-of-breed Alvaria WEM Suite which optimizes the employee experience at enterprise contact centers while delivering insights that enable organizations to assess and improve business performance. 

After the introduction of the complete Alvaria CX and WEM suites at ACE 2021, we didn’t stop there. We’ve delivered improvements to Compliant Outreach and Motivate, plus, we introduced Alvaria Real Time Optimizer (RTO), a new cloud application of the Alvaria WEM Suite that utilizes real time intelligent AI capability to enhance the contact center agent experience. 

Our focus on reshaping CX extends beyond our products. This year we also introduced the new Alvaria Community, built to empower our customers with knowledge, self-service options, real-time access to peer-to-peer collaboration, product release information and more. The community also offers improved support options and advanced technical resources and is growing daily. You can join the community here

We know it’s a challenge to stay on top of industry news alongside everything else demanding our attention; so to fill this need, this year we launched Alvaria Accelerate ‘22, the fastest way to get updates on our product roadmap, executive perspective with thought leadership sessions, tips and tricks to get the most out of your investment, success stories, use cases, company announcements and more. The Alvaria Accelerate ‘22 Experience is a hub for video content available in a variety of ways. Accelerate ‘22 offers scheduled events, on-demand sessions and live Q&A with product experts and industry leaders. Most (though not all) scheduled events are just ten minutes long, perfect for a quick coffee break while you catch up on valuable industry insights.   

And finally, we’re looking forward to seeing you all again in person at ACE 2022, Alvaria U – Ready. Set. Grow. ACE is returning bigger and better than ever this fall with ACE 2022 at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, September 11–15. We are focusing on three different experiences this year: Student , Partner, Business User Experiences. Early registration begins May 17th. 

As we look back on our first year as Alvaria, we can confidently say that we have delivered on our promise to reshape CX. And we can’t wait to see what the future holds! Happy Anniversary to Alvaria, and congratulations to all our employees whose hard work has proven that together We Are Alvaria.