On the State of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

Feb 17, 2022, 14:51 PM by Ben English

Five years ago, it began in earnest. 2017 was the year artificial intelligence went from speculative fiction ("The robots are coming to take over the world!") to a quantifiable innovation we could start to get our working imaginations around. It was as if, across multiple industries, humankind decided to settle down and actually get around to the business of building AI tools that deliver practical enhancements to our lives.

"AI-enabled" was the implied tagline of nearly every enterprise software vendor in 2017.

Today, the most rapid strides in innovation for contact center software and CX solutions arguably take place downstream from the point where AI is incorporated.  Alvaria is excited to share what we're learning in this area. DMG Consulting has helped us prepare a tremendous body of information, insights, and actionable intel in The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center.

We’ll explore the following call center AI topics: 

  • AI-enabled systems and applications for contact centers 

  • Targeted AI systems and applications such as transcription, real time guidance, predictive behavior routing, predictive analytics 

  • Emerging AI systems and applications for contact centers, including workforce management, customer journey analytics, customer relationship management, contact center performance management, automated call distribution, dialer and campaign management 

  • Contributing AI systems and applications, encompassing robotic process automation, intelligent hiring, desktop analytics, knowledge management, voice biometrics, surveying

We’re looking forward to sharing a contact center maturity model which shows the projected evolutionary path for contact centers over the next 15 years, and the phases that we can expect them to undergo as they transition from reactive operating environments to AI-enabled predictive service powerhouses.


The potential of AI is awe-inspiring, and while these technologies are in the early days, they have already demonstrated their ability to function as change agents in contact centers, customer service departments, CX functions and sales organizations. And there is much, much more to the story. Join us on the journey. Download The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center to learn more.