New Partner: Rising Interactions

May 19, 2022, 15:55 PM by Mariana Poleto

We are pleased to announce, Rising Interactions, located in Orlando, Florida, is the newest Alvaria partner. Rising possesses a unique and result-driven manner of implementing and sustaining all its customers. Focused on U.S. customers, Rising is a technology company with over twenty years of experience in providing call center technology. Their goal is to provide contact center solutions and improve the communication between companies and their customers with solutions focused on quality in technology and service delivery.  

Rising offers their customers Alvaria contact center solutions including Aspect® Unified IP®, which delivers all contact center options in one platform that help contact centers deliver exceptional experiences across all conversations and all channels. At the same time, this solution minimizes customer effort by providing a multichannel and multi-choice experience, through voice-channels, email, web chat, instant messaging and SMS. Additionally, Rising offers Advanced List Management, Advanced Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Alvaria CXP and Alvaria Workforce.  

Learn more about Rising Interactions.