Inbound or Outbound Contact Center?  What’s the Difference?

Aug 11, 2022, 19:48 PM by Rose Rana

Unsure of the differences between inbound and outbound call centers? Let’s set the record straight. 

Inbound Contact Center

Inbound Contact Centers: Focus on CX

Providing a world-class customer experience is more important than ever.  In fact, a PwC report found that 32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience. If your organization is involved in receiving inbound calls for customer service, product or technical support, payment or order processing or renewal upgrades – just to name a few – not having an inbound solution with best-of-breed capabilities could have a negative effect on your bottom line.   

Outbound Contact Center

Outbound Contact Centers: Ensure Industry Compliance

Outbound call centers, where calls are initiated by a call center agent to a customer, are generally used for cold calls, appointment setting, market research and financial services such as collections.  It’s important to understand that while a superior customer experience is important for outbound activities, maintaining compliance with industry regulations and protecting customer data are paramount to achieving outbound success.  


Whether you’re seeking an inbound call center solution or an outbound call center solution, finding the right call center can make a world of difference. The Alvaria Customer CX Suite provides the call center solutions you need to turn your operations into a competitive advantage and maximize customer lifetime value. Making up the components of the Alvaria CX Suite are Voice Agent, our inbound voice solution, Compliant Outreach, the central compliance hub for attempt and consent tracking, Advanced Outreach, the Alvaria outbound campaign management and engagement tool, Omni Agent, which delivers multichannel choice and omnichannel experiences for customers on their channel of preference, solution and Fraud Detection, a technical verification solution that proactively monitors and prevents fraudulent transactions. 


What is the Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Call Centers?

For more information on the differences between inbound and outbound contact centers, check out this infographic.