Improve Your Contact Center by Setting the Stage for the Long-Term Development of your Workforce

Feb 2, 2023, 16:42 PM by Maddy Hubbard

While contact centers around the globe ramp up and refresh for the new year, administration and management turns its attention to forecasting, planning, preparing and predicting the trends and traps of 2023. Of course, no one can see the future, but we do have an idea of what parts of our industry are trending upward, what’s diminishing, and what to look out for in the coming year. While technology is almost always progressing faster than resources, and the skills and strategies associated with technology management differ from those required to effectively manage teams, it’s important not to ignore the connection between the two.

This year, our webinar series, Accelerate, will tackle some of the hottest topics and trends we see on the 2023 horizon, helping you make the most of your contact center. 

Back to Basics – Alvaria Performance

Recent breakthroughs in call center training, process automation, and agent specialization means that continuing engagement can help improve your contact center by setting the stage for the long-term development of your workforce. Organizational clarity and business vision combined with a strategic WEM platform binds teams together. In this coming year, the managers that recognize the need to invest in their teams’ development will continue to work well together. Teams that gel adapt quickly to any situation thrown their way. 2023 will continue to demonstrate that organizational productivity doesn’t exist in a vacuum; powerful workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions to drive even better results.

Ready to learn more?  Join us on Thursday, February 9th at 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST for the webinar, Back to Basics – Alvaria Performance.  In this session, you’ll get more details about key functionality in Alvaria Performance including the difference between KPIs vs goals, defining KPIs, evaluating and redefining KPIs and adjusting goals for multiple agents.

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Alvaria Consumer Index Report - Key Insights into Expectations for Outreach

With every single market and organization under scrutiny, there is no shortage of opportunities to improve organizational databases and customer information. While the history of the call center is rooted in customer service, CX is only one function of the call center in 2023. Organizations need to be even more mindful and proceed with caution as loyalty, data and human interaction continue to prove major commodities. As functionality becomes more important than ever, administration tools and emerging platform integrations must allow for constant monitoring, expanding capabilities and illuminate a well-thought-out customer happy path. Training and what-if scenarios must be routine and mandatory. By working with experts to optimize remote and hybrid call centers, your business is ahead of the curve; providing the ability to serve more customers.

Infrastructure and technology that are based in efficacy and improving consumer confidence will benefit the customer, the agent, the administration and the organization.

Alvaria, in partnership with Farrell Insight, conducted a national study of over 1,000 consumers across a wide range of demographics and industries. Join us to better understand the key insights we uncovered related to consumer expectations for outreach.

 Get more details when you join SVP of Global Marketing, Colleen Sheley, on Thursday February 16th  at 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST for the webinar,  Alvaria Consumer Index Report - Key Insights into Expectations for Outreach.

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Real-Time Pulse on Your Remote Teams

One month into 2023, processes and development still must be thoughtful, inclusive, and results driven. Managing remote and hybrid teams makes this challenging. Communications, and policies that encourage problem solving can engage your entire workforce. But how do you keep track the performance and metrics of senior agents while also setting younger and inexperienced workers up for success?

On Thursday, February 23rd at 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST you won’t want to miss the webinar, Real-Time Pulse on Your Remote Teams.  Will show you how your campaigns can reach their full potential from the top down. Successful sales and marketing initiatives start with improved platform tools and better practices to help you manage and optimize remote teams in Alvaria Workforce.

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Looking forward, we know new and exciting things await us. We predict continued success for our partners and clients, and forecast innovation and improvement for our industry. Register for Accelerate and invite your team to register in order to set the stage for the long-term development of your workforce. Get updates on our product roadmap, executive perspective with thought leadership sessions, tips and tricks to get the most out of your investment, success stories, use cases, company announcements and more!  Plus, get unlimited access to our past sessions in our extensive on demand library.