Improve Agent Engagement with Automation

Jun 23, 2022, 19:43 PM by Courtney Cox
Improve Agent Engagement with Automation

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Alvaria Workforce, AI call center software, Alvaria Real Time Optimizer helps organizations improve agent performance, satisfaction, and development. Real Time Optimizer acts as an automated manager with rules that are triggered in real-time by actual service level conditions – working to streamline processes and deliver automated prompts to agents via multiple channels when it’s time to complete activities like coaching, training, breaks and more. 

Agents are unsatisfied... why? 

77% of agents experience burnout

According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, 77% of agents say they have experienced burnout. If your agents are having this experience, you could be steps away from a staffing issue at your contact center. Consider 63% of burned-out agents are more likely to take sick days. Additionally, they are 2.6 times more likely to seek a new job, while 13% have lower confidence and a full half, yes, 50%, are less likely to discuss performance. Yet 94% of agents said they are willing to stay with a company that invests in learning.

Satisfied agents lead to positive impact 

Working at a call center isn’t easy. A call center agent’s job is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs out there. But call center stress isn’t inevitable. Implementing call center AI software with an automated manager can help to keep agents engaged and lead to 89% more repeat customers, companies with engaged agents perform 202% better compared to companies without and a 72% increase in referrals. 

Agents need resources to effectively deal with customers

What Agents Need 

Effective support, as well as learning and training opportunities from management, leads to happier customers and more empowered and productive agents. When 86% of call center agents don’t have the resources to effectively deal with customers and 74% experience the hurdle of lack in training, it becomes instrumental to the success of your company to invest in the proper tools that will ensure agent success. In fact, when doing so, 70% of call center agents feel less burn-out when they feel supported by management. 


How AI Powered Automation Helps 

RTO improves job satisfaction for agents

Contact center automation streamlines processes and delivers automated prompts directly to agents’ desktops for training, coaching, breaks and more when an agent’s workload and call volume can accommodate. The right technological assistance can positively shift your work environment and lead to agent satisfaction.


Decision Makers accelerate digital initiativesMoving Forward... 

Implementing contact center automation through AI customer service software can significantly shift agent productivity and engagement. When 81% of agents say the pandemic exposed their technology gaps, it’s imperative that your organization invests in the right technology in order to bridge them. The time has come to change how your organization operates and responds. 



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