How to Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer and Alvaria Workforce

Feb 8, 2023, 14:09 PM by Natalie Mackay

The role of a contact center agent is not easy. Complicated software only adds to the already complex world of navigating customer conversations. Agents can feel frustrated with the technology they’re using to the point where they feel it is making their jobs more difficult instead of assisting them. And when agents are confused or frustrated, contact center leaders are too.  

When agents and technology don’t work together, the customer experience is jeopardized, which has real consequences. The truth is, after only one bad customer experience, consumers are likely to leave and purchase your competitor’s products or services. In fact, U.S-based companies lose $136.8 billion per year due to avoidable consumer switching. Contact center leaders must take on the challenge of leveraging technology to make both their lives and their agents’ lives easier.  

Let’s break down a few ways solutions like Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer and Alvaria Workforce can work together to create smoother workflows, reduce agent stress and deliver better customer experiences. 

Real-time productivity monitoring means setting up agents for success  

Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer is a powerful component of the Alvaria intelligence family of products. It uses real-time processing of millions of data points and events such as calls in queue, net staffing, schedule details, agent state and so much more to automatically locate areas to improve productivity of on-and-off-phone tasks based on call volume and service levels. Rest assured; Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer works collaboratively with you to remove the time-consuming process of switching between apps to access this important information. Contact center leaders can also use real-time automation to prompt agents into their designated breaks or end-of-day shift before a potential long call creates adherence issues. When there’s high schedule adherence, agents have a less stressful work environment because the right agent, with the right skillset is there when a customer needs them most.  

Proactive employee training means a helping hand when agents need it  

Many agents are still working fully remote or in a hybrid environment. When walking the floor is no longer an option, contact center leaders must find a way to ensure help is available when their agents need it. Alvaria Real Time Optimizer, working with Alvaria Workforce, automatically delivers training to individual agents during pockets of availability. Even if a supervisor can’t coach one-on-one, the agent still gets the information they need to improve their performance. Additionally, Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer automatically prompts agents with a friendly reminder to return to work when they go beyond pre-determined thresholds for after-call-work or caller hold time – helping agents stick to their scheduled activities ensuring a smoother, less stressful environment and a better chance at delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

Collaborative intelligence means better results and increased agent satisfaction 

When agents and technology work together, they’re able to produce far greater results. Agents spend less time figuring out what they need to do next and more time focusing on their conversations with customers. Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer offers agents automated and manual desktop, mobile and email notifications that prompt employees to begin certain activities so they’re always on track.  

Utilize the power of Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer and Alvaria Workforce to reward a job well done. When service levels can accommodate, Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer will automatically deliver surprise breaks, birthday or work-anniversary wishes or personalized messages. These small but impactful things can go a long way in terms of making agents feel like they’re appreciated and a valuable part of the team. 

These are only a few ways the power of Alvaria Real-Time Optimizer and Alvaria Workforce can help you and your agents work collaboratively with your technology to deliver great experiences.  

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