Automation: More Than Meets the AI

May 12, 2023, 16:08 PM by Miriam Beattie
Automation - More than Meets the AI

Running a call center can be a struggle–especially when considering the challenges facing the customer engagement industry. Just as we leverage CX data to improve efficiency and customer experience, we can leverage AI for an improved workplace experience, employee development and team integration. In a world where we hear the term “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI” overused, how can we utilize these new technologies to ensure our colleagues and employees aren’t wasting their time? How can we leverage this new arm of technology to help our teams feel valued and energized to be their best every day?

The contact center is in a unique position to help design the workplace experience. We already manage every touchpoint in the customer experience journey and grade it. Call center processes often include a high percentage of manual tasks and consume a large part of work in a call center. Because these tasks and processes have rule-based systems, Robotic process automation (RPA) can reduce work that often bogs down employees. RPA applied in call center processes automates and eliminates mistakes, reducing workload. In addition to the process application and error prevention, call Initiation, routing and rules-based-response offer much-needed support to your front-line workers and administrators. While these process improvements have demonstrated tremendous value to the business, they also relieve pressure and stress from your workforce. It’s pretty easy to see how automation and AI can improve KPIs – but how else can these new platforms improve and develop our workforce and workplace?


Speaking of KPIs, AI can be used to analyze agent and customer feedback, identifying areas where agents are dissatisfied and recommend solutions to improve engagement. Allow employees to hit the ground running with technology and process comprehension while understanding the incentive to progress.


Analysis of performance data can provide insights on how to improve employee performance, including identifying areas where employees need additional training. Use your platforms to provide continuous feedback for employees and their supervisors with unlimited access to data and KPIs; innovative visualization formats offer multiple ways and avenues to see and understand improvement.

Talent Development  

Easily create personalized employee training plans based on their strengths and weaknesses. Refocus training and frontline employees in order to achieve the desired customer experience and outcome. The ideal experience is a collaboration that your workplace facilitates. At a time when continuing education and tutorials are an integral component for the further development of your staff, the ability of AI to create real-life what-if scenarios based on actual customer journeys and experiences can give your agents an invaluable tool for improvement and resolution. 


Analyze employee data and identify factors that contribute to employee turnover, allowing for the implementation of strategies to improve retention. Integrate AI and gamification strategies to help to keep your workplace exciting and fresh, thereby diminishing turnover and creating opportunities for developing your existing talent.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Analyze diversity and inclusion data and identify areas where the company can improve in terms of diversity and inclusion. Customize your training to become as diverse and conscious as your workforce. Avatars, icons and emojis used in dashboards can easily reflect your business culture and diversity.

A better understanding of how WEM, automation, AI, and analytic tools integrate can provide insight, answers and approaches to growing your business resourcefully. Please join us Wednesday, May 17th at 10:30 AM EDT / 7:30 AM PDT  for our upcoming Accelerate session: RPA: Remove Time Waste from Your Agent's Day so They Can Concentrate on Customers During Economic Turbulent Times.

This session will focus on the tools Alvaria offers to help agents receive the right amount of development, support and coaching to deliver the best outcome-based engagement for all customers.