Alvaria Partner Resolutte Achieves Diamond-Level Status

Apr 28, 2023, 13:52 PM by Mariana Poleto

We’re thrilled to recognize our partner Resolutte for achieving diamond-level status. As our second partner to reach this level, it’s clear they are committed to working hard and growing their business. 

Resolutte, founded in 2016, has over a decade of experience in IT managed services, integrations, cloud and on-premises infrastructure and more. Although their experience is impressive, what really sets them apart is their philosophy. 

“There is a lack of communication between some companies and their customers, but we believe that by working very closely with our customers, we can increase trust in our business,” Diego Carvalho, Chief Operating Officer at Resolutte, said. “Our main focus is to grow our customers’ business. That is fuel for our business.” 

Resolutte became an Alvaria partner in 2019 and has ambitious plans for this year. 

“We believe that with partnership, focus and efficiency we can expand our business across the Americas, especially in North America. We’re still moving swiftly to get new logos and even more visibility for both companies,” Carvalho said. 

We presented a diamond award to Resolutte at our Partner Kick Off on February 13. 

“We appreciate Resolutte’s commitment to customer engagement and the success they have had in multiple customer segments with us. We were excited to honor them at our annual Partner Kick Off event and look forward to the future success of our partnership,” Gary Levy, Senior Vice President of Global Channels, said. 

Congratulations to Dario Braz, founder and CEO of Resolutte, Diego Carvalho and the entire Resolutte team for this amazing accomplishment and wish them many more years of success and growth with Alvaria. 

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