ACE 2022: Alvaria U – Student Experience, Last Chance to Register!

Jul 21, 2022, 17:24 PM by Rose Rana

If you've been considering the Certified Student Experience at ACE 2022: Alvaria U, September 11th - 15th in Las Vegas, now is the time to register. This is your opportunity to enroll in some of our most-requested courses and achieve certified associate status at the event.  You only have until August 1st to register and seats are filling quickly! 

Continuous training in the workplace is instrumental to employee retention as it encourages your workforce to expand skillsets, generate new ideas and overall raise employee performance. In an era that has been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” The Certified Student Experience, a program designed for managers, functional administrators, supervisors, team leads and subject matter experts, is something that companies can greatly benefit from. 

Choose from the following certification tracks:  

Alvaria CX Suite

The Alvaria CX Suite certification program is designed to help you optimize your use of our enterprise contact center solutions, learning how to use the tools, choice and control at scale to expand inbound and outbound capabilities with seamless omnichannel interactions, while maintaining full control, privacy and compliance. Reap the benefits of amazing customer experiences—repeat business and ROI—with the Alvaria CX Suite. 

 Within this certification program, there are two certified associate tracks to choose from:  

CX Suite: Inbound 

In this class, you will build an inbound voice campaign, and all the supporting records needed to implement it. Using hands-on learning, students will develop an understanding of the concept and how to implement and manage inbound voice transactional routing in the Alvaria CX Suite product. These records will include the following, but not only: 

  • Agents 

  • Supervisors 

  • Skills 

  • Campaigns 

  • ACD Routes 

Seating is limited to 100 students. 

 CX Suite: Outbound 

In this hands-on class, you will build and implement an outbound voice campaign and all the campaign dependent entities that are needed. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts needed to answer the following three questions: Who am I going to call? When am I going to call? What am I going to do next after I call? 

These records will include the following, but not only: 

  • Agents 

  • Supervisors 

  • Skills 

  • Campaigns 

  • Blended Groups 

  • Statuses 

Seating is limited to 75 students. 

Alvaria WEM Suite

The Alvaria WEM Suite certification program allows you to get the most from your contact center technology, so you can deliver the very best customer experience in a way that is cost effective for your enterprise. Alvaria offers a rich portfolio of WEM tools including workforce management, performance management, recording, quality management, gamification, AI-powered workforce optimizer, speech analytics and much more.  

This program has four certified associate tracks:  

Alvaria Workforce – Scheduling & Tracking 

This hands-on course provides core training on how to manage and manually create schedules using Alvaria Workforce (formerly Aspect Workforce Management). This course provides information for managing trial schedules and adding new schedules to an existing set of schedules. You will also learn how to enter, store, and manage your agents’ records in the system. Learners are also presented with several options the system provides for manually assigning trial schedules. Finally, students will learn how to make assigned trial schedules official. 

Seating is limited to 150 students. 

Alvaria Workforce – Request Management 

Request Management is an Alvaria Workforce (formerly Aspect Workforce Management) feature that lets you enter employee requests for time off, overtime, or similar schedule changes and submit those requests to an automatic checking process, which you have tailored to your own rules and policies. Part of using request management is working with personal and group allowance accounts. Topics covered through hands-on instruction will include: 

  • Personal Accounts: Maintains a running balance of time individual employees have earned and used for activities like vacation or personal time off. In short, personal accounts address the employee side of the request process: has this employee accrued sufficient time off to take the vacation requested? How much time off has the employee used since the first of the year? Learn how to create and maintain personal accounts for use with Request Management and the Workforce Engagement Management application of the Workforce system. 

  • Group Allowance Accounts: Give you control over how many vacations, overtime, or other types of hours may be permitted for various groups of employees at your site. You will learn how to define, create, and generate group allowance accounts. 

Seating is limited to 75 students. 

Alvaria Workforce – Forecasting 

This Alvaria Workforce course teaches the essentials of forecasting needed to effectively staff the right number of people at the right time to handle your contact center needs. Students will use hands-on exercises to learn: 

  • How to create, interpret, and print forecasts 

  • How to manage the inputs to forecasting and conduct “what-if” scenarios 

  • How to maintain accurate historical patterns upon which to create forecasts.  

  • How to forecast in an environment where agents can handle multiple contacts at once.  

Seating is limited to 75 students. 

Alvaria Workforce – Employee Engagement – Alvaria Motivate 

This course teaches how to keep your employees engaged using the Alvaria Motivate product. Students will see the hands-on configuration from two main vantage points: supervisors and managers. You will learn how to leverage the capabilities of Alvaria Motivate to strive to meet and/or exceed your KPIs. The course also provides best practices so that you will leave fully prepared to maintain your own system and adjust based on new business needs. Course objectives are to: 

  • Learn how to configure and use the different interfaces for your corresponding roles 

  • Understand the use of incentives and coaching to encourage performance 

  • Practice setting up competitions 

  • Upload and customize badges, trophies, and tangible prizes 

Seating is limited to 75 students. 


Don’t miss your chance to register before the deadline on August 1st. 

Then, take advantage of our special room rate and book your room before August 5th.