ACE 2022 - A Case for the Student Experience

Jul 27, 2022, 16:26 PM by Miriam Beattie

You already know that ACE 2022 is the place to find CX innovation and thought leadership. ACE 2022 will have a lot of great headline events, including our 2023 product roadmap, one of the first opportunities to hear from our new CEO Jeff Cotten, and a keynote from former Netflix VP Gibson Biddle. These are all excellent reasons to attend ACE. But the main draw this year is education.  

For the first time in history, ACE 2022 – Alvaria U will focus on the hands-on knowledge you need about Alvaria products and the CX industry to get better at your job – whatever your role entails. We’re offering more networking meetups, more learning opportunities, and the opportunity to leave with your Alvaria Associate Certification in-hand – all part of admission to the ACE Student Experience.  

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The Student Experience is designed for managers, functional administrators, supervisors, team leads and subject matter experts to take full advantage of the Alvaria WEM Suite and Alvaria CX Suite features and leverage tools in the most efficient way possible through certification. We are offering courses, ending with on-site certification exams, for our most-requested topics. Whatever your role is, if you use Alvaria software, you’ll find a track for you. All tracks include a proctored certification exam, an additional six months of Premium Learning, and everything else that ACE offers. 

For the first time, you can leave ACE with more than good memories and inspiration;  you’ll leave with the knowledge and toolset to deliver on your CX promises to your customers. Certification and continuing education benefits both employees and the corporations they work for in many ways.

Improve CX

Your employees are on the front lines every day. Allowing users to become experts in their field, improving their skills and technical ability, will in turn empower them to respond faster to your customers and deliver an experience that keeps your customers delighted. Keeping employees up to date with new technology and best practices ultimately improves customer satisfaction. 

Improve EX 


Empowered employees are happier employees, which also leads to improved CX. Certified users will be more prepared to grow in their role and career; perpetual training can help improve employee retention by as much as 70%. Those who attain certification are confident in their knowledge and abilities, which fosters a sense of enthusiasm and accountability for work results. 

Increased Credibility 

Certification allows companies, and individual users, to demonstrate expertise with industry-recognized credentials valued by other professionals as well as your customers. Certification:  

  • Increases credibility within industry and clients  
  • Builds trust and credibility 
  • Differentiates the individual and the company     
  • Gain New Perspectives 

Attending a certification course also provides you with new viewpoints, especially in a CX-focused environment like ACE 2022. Sharpen your existing skills through training, stay on top of current technology and see new ways of performing your duties through certification. 

Need more reasons to sign up for the ACE 2022 – Alvaria U Student Experience? On top of the benefits of getting your certification, you’ll also be in Las Vegas, with full access to our highly-anticipated general sessions, networking with your peers, and hopefully having a little fun as well. But don’t wait! Registration for the Student Experience closes on Monday, August 1 – and seats are limited. Secure your place and plan your experience now